Center for International Private Enterprise Contributors

  • Adam Sachs
  • Ritika Singh
  • Mahir Sheikh
  • Rue Mudede
  • Anna Kompanek
  • Louisa Tomar

National Democratic Institute Contributors

  • Sarah Moulton
  • Priyal Bhatt
  • Madeline Nicoloff
  • Chris Doten

International Republican Institute Contributors

  • Amanda Zink
  • Hui Hui Ooi
  • Diana Kurth

The authors would like to extend their special appreciation to the individuals who contributed to this project through their services and time.

Innovations Page Editor

  • Brian Forest

Expert Contributors

  • Audrey Tang
  • Delfina Irazusta
  • Esther Mwema
  • Francis Fukuyama
  • Ginny Badanes
  • Olaf Bohnke
  • Olexandr Stardubstev
  • Dr. Walid Al Saqaf

Speculative Fiction Contributors

  • Amy Johnson (Editor)
  • Dooshima Tsee
  • Florence Leaners
  • Gretchen Rockwell
  • H. Pueyo
  • Isa Prospero
  • Joao Mendes
  • Mwenya S. Chikwa
  • Paulo Da Costa
  • Uchechukwu Nwaka

Focus Group Facilitation Contributors

  • Jake Dunagan, Institute for the Future
  • Ilana Lipsett, Institute for the Future
  • Michelle Stearn, Forum for the Future
  • Alisha Bhagat, Forum for the Future

A special thanks to NDI partners around the world who participated in the focus group discussions upon which the user personas and visioning summary report were based.

Short Story Contributors

  • Brian David Johnson
  • Greg Lindsay
  • Madeline Ashby

A special thanks to myriad IRI partners around the world who participated in ideation exercises upon which the short stories were based.

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