Meet Chisomo: A Citizen of the World in 2040

— NDI Focus Group

Chisomo lives in Malawi and much has changed in the past decade. There is much greater internet connectivity and social media use, and her data is protected through new laws. It is much easier for citizens like her to get information and to participate in politics. Her life is very busy, but she manages. In the mornings she sells dried fish in the marketplace. In the afternoon she works part time as a teacher. When she is done teaching, she picks up her own children and cares for them at home where she has to prepare food for the family and the next day’s lesson plan. Chisomo is very active and vocal in community spaces. She is worried about what the future holds for her children so she takes part in local demonstrations, votes, and holds leadership positions at the local level. She tries to read the news every day but because the internet is expensive and connectivity low, she obtains a lot of information through social media, the radio, and conversations with others at the marketplace. Living by the lake, she sees the impact of climate change, and hopes policy makers can manage to properly regulate the environment without putting local livelihoods at risk. Chisomo is motivated to fight for a better future for her children and grandchildren, even if the present-day situation leaves much to be desired.

NDI Focus Group