Meet Rachel: A Citizen of the World in 2040

— NDI Focus Group

Rachel lives in a world where a free and open internet has enabled citizens to speak freely and hold the government accountable. More people participate in the democratic process than they did before. While Rachel can now access the internet easily and affordably, she is worried that there is increasing surveillance of her personal data and she is an advocate for data privacy. When Rachel wakes up she checks the news, first turning to social media, which is much more reliable than it used to be, now that misinformation is controlled. She views the news from several different independent media outlet. She also gets a targeted newsfeed in the morning that presents her with issues that are important to her life as a mother and teacher. There are a number of apps that Rachel uses to track policy developments. One such app, put out by the government, tracks key policy making decision points including how each senator voted and monitoring of the issues Rachel is most interested in. Another app, put out by civil society groups, tracks different civic initiatives in her local community. Rachel feels well connected and informed, she is hopeful that young people have the tools to shape society for the better.

NDI Focus Group