Meet Xiomara: A Citizen of the World in 2040

— NDI Focus Group

Xiomara wants a better future for her children, where it’s a good place for them to work, make a living, and take care of their basic needs. She strives to live in an open and just society. The way she participates in political dialogues and discussion is through digital pathways, sometimes engaging in the metaverse to gain access to information – since she grew up a TikToker in the 2010’s, she is well versed in living a hybrid lifestyle: straddling the digital and physical realms. She is comfortable transversing the metaverse and virtual realities, but still takes her kids on bike rides and enjoys interacting with her physical surroundings and enjoying nature – although she is very concerned about climate change. Because of near ubiquitous access to news and media, Xiomara is very critical of the information she consumes, always digging in and doing her research before making any conclusions. The issues she faces are international in nature, with ample opportunities for global problem-solving on a wide scale.

NDI Focus Group